100 Ways We Can Support Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)

We have been startled by blasphemous movie about our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and
we as muslims did not know how to react against such acts by non muslims. Actually, they are pre-planned
acts to make use of our emotions against our own self. In the consequence, we have ended up killing our own brothers,
burning our own properties and wasting our own resources. Which in no sense had any effect on the culprits and
it might even made them more happy and might have been resulted in anger of Allah (S.W.T). As it makes no sense
to destroy your own resources to teach someone the lesson of his corrupt deeds. May Allah(S.W.T) guides us and
 show us the straight path” (Ameen)
We must know what are the best actions to have a real impact on the enemies of Islam. Alhumdulillah, I have managed to
find a very beautiful & short book “Tauheen-e-Risalat me hamara mauqaf” written by “Sheikh Saleh Al-Munajjad” and
a presentation “100 ways to support our Prophet(S.A.W)”.
Please spare some of your time and have a look at the attachments of this mail, read through all the contents and spread
it among all the muslims you know to increase awareness on this sensitive issue. JazakAllah u Khairun.
In English :
In Urdu :  Tauheene_risalat_me_hamara_mauqif
In English : 100_Ways_We_Can_Support_Our_Prophet